Textbroker Increases Rates for Clients, Keeps More for Themselves

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If you write for so-called content mills, in order to pay the bills, you may already know about Textbroker. You may even be writing for Textbroker. I haven’t written for them in years, but apparently, I’m still on their mailing list. I received an email from the Textbroker Service Team today, discussing their new rates for clients. It appears as though the increased rates WILL NOT be passed along to their hardworking writers, however. Just another reason to steer clear of these low paying venues. Here’s the email:

Hello Authors,

We’ve always believed transparency is a good policy. We state our prices and the rates we pay right on our website, and we always try to keep authors updated about any changes at Textbroker. As a result, we wanted to let you know that we will be increasing prices for new clients starting on July 1. With regards to existing clients, any client already registered with Textbroker as of June 30 will be grandfathered at our current rates through at least December 2013. As a result, our current clients will continue to pay the same prices they do now.

Given the grandfathering, we believe the short-term impact of this change to be minimal. For new clients who register after July 1, we will keep a larger share of their payment than we do now, which is necessitated by Textbroker’s increased expenses over the last few years. The cost of maintaining our website has grown significantly, we have increased our marketing and sales activities dramatically and we have added many new staff members to support the business. While the price increase will help us increase revenue, afford new technology and provide new services, our priority remains the same: to convince more and more companies to use Textbroker, leading to increased work for our authors. We can assure you that your pay rates on OpenOrders will not go down, and for new clients who order at the new minimum price for Team and DirectOrders, your per word price will increase.

We feel this should improve our author’s per word rate on average. With the push towards quality content and reputable authors, more and more clients are placing orders by DirectOrder and TeamOrder than ever before. Our clients have recognized an opportunity to find authors that are particularly suited for their niche and preferred style, and TeamOrders have been exploding at Textbroker to the point that we’ve needed to upgrade our systems to handle the increased load that these types of orders require.

Particularly with the minimum rate increase coming for new clients, there’s never been a better time to apply for teams. Team-centric clients represent a growing population of clients that need to screen and verify their authors to stay competitive. Teams allow authors to anticipate their client’s schedules and needs. They also allow authors to be more selective about their opportunities and rates, and they allow authors to overcome difficulties due to a rating change or limited order selection. The most important thing, however, is that Teams aren’t limited in price, so joining an active team can often result in an average pay increase for authors of any star level.

Every one of us at Textbroker has a clear mission: to help provide the best content possible to everyone, everywhere for every situation. We sincerely appreciate your sharing your talents at Textbroker, and we look forward to working together to reach our mutual goals. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all. Have a great day!

Best Regards,

Your Textbroker Service Team


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