Transcending Anger by Charles Dittell

Transcending Anger, by Charles Dittell

I have a confession – I sometimes get angry over silly things and my anger causes negative emotions and responses. I’m not alone in this behavior of course. When I decided to take control of my emotions and rid myself from the destructive consequences of anger, I began searching for a self-help book for guidance as an alternative to expensive therapy, or those popular positive-thinking seminars. Reading the book, Transcending Anger, by Charles Dittell, was the result of my search and I was pleasantly surprised.

From the start, I knew Transcending Anger was no ordinary self-help book. I mentioned in an earlier post how impressed I was with this book from the beginning. Author, Charles Dittell comes across as someone who practices what he preaches…

Please read the rest of my review of Transcending Anger here.


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