Reviews on Your Site – Why You Should Post Your Book Reviews On Your Website

I was talking with an author friend of mine recently and I had asked why he didn’t have any of his book reviews posted on his website. He said it didn’t seem right to do that. He’s not alone in this thinking. Most of us think it’s vain or conceited to toot our own horns. I beg to differ.

When you have a product to sell (aka your book), it’s crucial that you utilize every possible means available to you in order to get your message across to consumers. Businesses do this all the time. Your book is not only your baby, it’s your product. Chances are you didn’t write your book because you had nothing else to do. You had a story to tell (either a fiction or non-fiction story) and your goal should be to have it read by as many people as possible. It’s what a writer lives for.

My friend has several five star reviews on Amazon and on other online sites. Book reviews written by YOUR satisfied readers are excellent marketing tools. They’re FREE advertising. These reviews absolutely SHOULD be on your book website or author’s blog. Ditch the misconception that adding your book reviews to your website or blog is wrong or frowned upon. Go, right now, go and post your reviews, and then share them via social media and elsewhere. You’ll be glad you did.


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