Licensing: How Violette Snagged BrushDance Contract

Video marketing is a fantastically engaging way to get your business message across to potential customers. Please watch this video to get some ideas!

Self Marketing Today

Artist Violette shares her art calendar and how it happened that BrushDance offered her a contract.  If you’re interested in producing your own video clips, watch some of Violette’s.  They are well made, short, entertaining and informative.

Purchase Violette’s calendar here: Bliss 12″ Wall Calendar

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One thought on “Licensing: How Violette Snagged BrushDance Contract

  1. Sandi J. Holland

    Her videos show how easy it would be to produce your own. People like videos and WILL make time to watch. Video tutorials are better than written ones for those who don’t like to read, or are not good at following instructions. Thanks for sharing this Susan.


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