A Tribute to Mothers’ Love and Wisdom

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BookFrom My Mama’s Kitchen by Johnny Tan is about the power of unconditional love, offered to him along with a heavy dose of wisdom, by both his adopted mother in Malaysia, and the 8 other women with whom he bonded in America where he came to attend college. Through their motherly love and recipes for living, they made a positive difference in his life. They also offer a model of how mothers can be effective teachers, coaches and counselors for their children. The book offers a wealth of wisdom for good parenting skills and effective communication.

Some of the motivational words of wisdom from his moms which helped Johnny overcome the challenges of everyday living include:

  • Have faith that the right things will come along at the right time and in the right way;
  • You can accomplish anything if you focus mind, body and spirit on it;
  • Be present in…

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