My Latest Interview

JohnMartynWilson: Author

I was recently interviewed by Susan Barton (eBook Review Gal) and wanted to share a portion here. You can view the complete interview on Susan’s website.
King's Ransom Book Cover

Tell me about your book:

King’s Ransom was self-published on Amazon Kindle on 14 April 2013. It’s an action/adventure novel – holiday reading, if you like. As my sister-in-law said, “It’s not literature”. Comments from early readers have all been very positive.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always written stuff, even as a kid. I was fascinated by books, by words, and by the way in which words could be used to re-create emotions and communicate feelings. I wrote a lot at school – my specialisms were history, geography and English – and I went to University to read History. However, I only lasted a year before I was thrown out. I was a 19yo with…

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