Library Love

Amanda K Byrne

Earlier this month, Michael Rosenblum posted this article on Huffington Post about the new library being built in his neighborhood. He then goes on to muse about why it’s being built, and whether it’s necessary. His thoughts all smack of privilege to me, but the one that really got me was the little tidbit about his niece, wondering why all the kids in Harry Potter have to go to the library to look stuff up instead of just Googling it.

Oh, you poor, poor child. You deprived little thing, you.

Seriously? There are parents who don’t take their kids to the library?

Maybe this is another kind of privilege talking, but my parents took my sister and I to the library on a regular basis. It was a cheaper way for us to replenish our reading selections, and I still do this – more often than not, I’ll check a…

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