Free Sample of My Novel!

Southern Fried Thinker

No joke!

The first five chapters of Riddle are now available on Smashwords.

And they’re free.

I must forget my earlier disdain for Smashwords. Previously, I’d had some issues downloading Smashwords books to my Nexus 7, but the situation was resolved when I put Smashwords Access (an Android app) on the device to check out what my book actually looks like in a correctly formatted digital form.

Not bad, I must say.

Obviously, that’s not really my doing, since all I did was correct some formatting and upload a MS Word file. At any rate, the book is available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble (check it out here!), and Kobo Books. I’d love it if you’d check it out. I’m going to be releasing the entire book it in digital form first, with a hardcover version to follow soon after. But for right now, all I have…

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