Celebration Giveaway for The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (and the other books in the Regency Collection)

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This Sunday, I’m doing something different from the story sample I usually do.  I’m doing a celebration giveaway!

hWith The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (which is free) doing so well in the Australian iBookstore at this link, I thought it would be fun to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now: offer a giveaway from my Regency Collection.  

To date, I have The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, Her Counterfeit Husband, and A Most Unsuitable Earl available.  The fourth book, His Reluctant Lady, is due out next month (but I have no set date on that one yet).

For anyone not familiar with the books, I’m going to offer a brief description of them.

The Earl's Inconvenient Wife ebook cover

Book 1: Caught in a scandalous situation, Lord Roderick marries a lady he believes tricked him into marriage. Miss Claire Lowell hoped her first Season would result in a marriage based on love, but her…

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