How to Prepare for Your Virtual Book Tour

Virtual Book Tour Stops

Things to Do to Plan for My Virtual Book Tour

If you’re an indie author, you’re undoubtedly searching for new and clever methods of marketing your book. Hundreds of new eBooks are being published every day and you need a way to make YOUR book stand out above the masses. That’s why you’ve decided to begin a Virtual Book Tour.

You already know how much more convenient and economical a virtual book tour is compared to a traditional book tour. You can stay home in your jammies with bed head if you like. You don’t have to approach persnickety bookstore owners and others with your sales pitch.

Find Your Own Dates

You should already have definite dates to propose to each and every blog owner. Bloggers often have busy lives outside of blogging. They want to be sure they prepare according for your book tour stop. If you give a specific date, then you MUST stick to it. The blog…

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