Interview with Author Michele Mene


This book follows Tex through her adventures in London.  She originally arrived in London to complete a graduate degree, and possibly find Mr. Darcy.  However, she soon discovers London is not what is described in books and movies, and she might not be Elizabeth Bennet.  Along the way, she meets interesting characters by simply traveling around London, and online dating.  Then of course, there is the factor of being a Texan outside of Texas, and outside of the United States…it is hard not to be that girl sometimes.


There would be no denying a lady like me loves romance. Any lady who can claim a preference to the gentleman playing Mr. Darcy in a film can only be deemed as a hopeless romantic, or possibly Mr. Rochester’s crazy wife in Jane Eyre. My life was the constant search for Mr. Darcy while somehow living in London. The use of the newest technological advances concerning the internet and social networking should only have sped the process, really. London, it is my confession to be that girl. Now, concerning the gentlemen…

Author Biography:

Born in 1985, Michele Mene has been writing for over thirteen years: letters passed during class, poems on the back of receipts, fanfiction that now makes her cringe, poetry in her journal, online statuses, and random, possibly slightly intoxicated, messages to friends. Over the years, inspiration has been found from a range of authors such as, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Charlotte Bronte, J.K. Rowling, William Faulkner, and Naoko Takeuchi. Michele’s love of reading and writing caused her to accumulate debt over her eight years of higher education, represented by pieces of paper that look even better when framed. She has earned awards in creative writing, interpretive dance-offs, traffic cone abductions, and awkwardness. Unfortunately, none of Michele’s accolades are for her abilities to write a biography about herself in a way that could not be considered slightly sarcastic, or trying to be somewhat humorous.

Read the interview with Michele Mene here…



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