Well, my friends, the day is getting closer. My debut novel,NORTHMAN, will be released in November. (Update: Now released – see links below) As I promised, you, my blog followers will be the first to get a glimpse. So today I’m posting a few sample chapters so you can have a flavour of the book and see if you might like to read it.

NORTHMAN is a contemporary, supernatural thriller. It’s pretty long at around 140,000 words, but it’s been professionally edited by my lovely editor, Juliet McHugh and it’s as long as it has to be for a densely textured story that involves berserker Vikings, time travel, an ancient  horror, an enduring romance and the future of the world – to name just a few elements!

Here’s a short description:

843 AD. A Viking raid on an Anglo-Saxon village in England sets into motion a train of events that results, 1200 years later, in…

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