Peter in Flight by Paul Michael Peters Goodreads Book Review

Peter in FlightPeter in Flight by Paul Michael Peters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Peter is a software marketer who truly lives his life out of a suitcase. He’s good at what he does – so much so that he inadvertently makes a couple of “enemies” along the way. Peter is personable, caring and a great listener. His love for his best friend and boss, Tatiana, remains the constant thread throughout the story. Readers are treated to a few heartwarming stories through his encounters with the various travelers and salespeople he comes in contact with while on the road.

Before I began reading Peter in Flight I wondered how Paul Michael Peters could turn software marketing into an enjoyable, entertaining read. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this gem of a book.

Unbelievably, this is a first work for Paul Michael Peters and he does an excellent job of combining several interesting marketing tidbits, romance, relationships and a bit of tasteful sexual encounters into this sweet, yet sometimes tragic, novella.

I had no trouble connecting with these characters and I didn’t even have to be a world traveling salesperson to do so. I’m sure many readers can empathize with Peter’s desire to be loved by the one person who means the most to him. The world of big business, pre and post 9/11 is also easily relatable to many of us.

Writing novellas is sometimes tricky because it can be difficult to pack an interesting beginning, engaging middle and satisfactory ending into less than 50,000 words. Yet, I was impressed with the way Peter in Flight propelled me along – I never felt cheated. I enjoyed this book so much that I didn’t want to put it down until I was finished. The ending left me satisfied and content…no unfinished business here!

Readers looking for an easy-to-read, intelligent, sweet and sensitive story to enjoy in a night or two will not be disappointed with Peter in Flight. I would love to read more from Paul Michael Peters and look forward to his next novella or novel.

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