Product by Ian McCain Goodreads Giveaway in Progress

Author Ian McCain is currently hosting a fantastic giveaway on Goodreads. He’s giving away 2 FREE SIGNED copies of his edgy new SciFi thriller, Product.

Image of Ian McCain

Book Description:

“Fifty-year-old Ernie Chase is a liquor-soaked husk living on the streets of New York City. When Ernie is shot while witnessing a back alley drug deal, he believes that his miserable life is over. But he awakens, healthy, sober and youthful, handcuffed to a military cot in an abandoned hospital.

His captor explains to him that he has become infected with a dangerous virus, which requires regular treatment to keep from becoming contagious. Treatment is offered in exchange for his unwavering service. Ernie quickly finds himself caught in a feud between his captor and another ancient vampire over the blood supply for the infected community of NYC. As Ernie learns the hard way, if the infected can’t feed, they will descend into the horrifying Rage—and this shadow war will hit the streets.”

Publication Date:  6/27/2013 Genre: Action/Horror

Available: Currently the title is available through (paperback and Kindle versions) and (paperback)

Book Border Photo

eBook Review Gal had the pleasure of interviewing Ian McCain recently. Ian discussed his book, his writing and marketing methods and overcoming blindness. 


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