Review of Something Good by Darlene Deluca

Something GoodSomething Good by Darlene Deluca
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mandi Evans has had a tragic four years. Divorce, alienation and loss of friendships, missed opportunities for the life she wanted, and a heart-wrenching incident that ripped away the light of her life – her daughter, Paige – were just the start of myriad problems that leave Mandi struggling to get through the day. Her life is a monotonous, exhausting routine of living in a rundown trailer park while working two dead-end jobs and taking online classes. However, the arrival of Lane Whitmore promises to change everything.

Lane has plans to tear down the trailer park and put in something beneficial to the community. The mothers in the area tell him tales of how dangerous the area has become, and he decides the slum trailer park has got to go. Getting a feel for the area, and hoping to get some work done, Lane seeks out a hot meal at the diner across the street from his hotel. Lane and Mandi cross paths, changing their lives forever.

From the very first page, the reader is drawn into this novel of loss, personal strength, and hope. A surprising romance developing between two incredibly emotionally-engaging characters leaves the reader unable to put it down. Fast-pace, great writing, surprising plot twists, and vivid characters earn this book a high recommendation. Darlene Deluca’s newest novel is a must-read!

Review by Alexia Bullard for eBook Review Gal.
eBook Review Gal received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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