Review of Everflame by Dylan Lee Peters

EverflameEverflame by Dylan Lee Peters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although Fantasy isn’t usually my first genre choice in books, I decided to download a copy of Everflame for two reasons. The first being it was free, the second because it had garnered over 930 Amazon reviews, with a four star average. Considering the book was self-published I thought this was an admirable accomplishment. As a book marketer, I had to see just what Mr. Peters is doing right.

Everflame follows the lives of the inhabitants of Gray Mountain – inhabitants that happen to be bears. The Everflame is also a literal flame that burns eternally atop Gray Mountain as a symbol of enduring spirit. The bears have set up a kingdom-style system of existence and it seems to work very nicely – until two well-respected bears, Eveneye and Whiteclaw, come upon a human baby in the forest. Eveneye decides to keep him and raise him as his own. He and his wife, Goldenheart, name the baby Evercloud.

When Eveneye approaches King Irontooth for permission to keep Evercloud, the King is furious – in most bears’ eyes, humans are evil and not to be trusted. Eveneye feels so strongly about keeping Evercloud, he rebels against King Irontooth in a brazen display of defiance. After a series of “challenges”, Eveneye is able to dethrone the King and become King of Gray Mountain.

Subsequently we follow Evercloud as he grows into a noble, righteous man who valiantly accepts his quest to find the once banished Ancients, who are now necessary to rid the world of all its evil.

The secondary story of Edgar Shein is at first separate, but then it becomes clear what his role is in the bigger picture of Everflame – Edgar grows up to be the Messenger – the chosen one whom The Holy speaks to and gives commands to rid the world of evil.

Everflame is clearly a story of good vs. evil – a story that is as old as time itself. However, I found Dylan Peters’ version to be imaginative and unique. Many of us can relate to a world that has been desecrated by modern man and we can understand how animals would be fearful of him. I also detected a degree of religious undertones in Everflame. This book certainly gives readers a lot to think about.

I would definitely recommend Everflame. I do not feel it is geared solely toward young readers. The characters and story will appeal to readers of any age. The ending is left open and readers will surely want to find out where these characters go next. Obviously I will be reading all the books in this series!

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