Review of Spirit of Dragons by Kathryn Loch

Spirit of Dragons (Second Edition)Spirit of Dragons by Kathryn Loch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spirit of Dragons is the first book in Kathryn Loch’s exciting Dragon Wars series.

During the eleventh century, hidden from the human race were battles that were being fought in England, between the people of magic. The Draoi (Druids that worked with black magic) used hunters to capture and kill people who had magical powers. Whenever an Ilarian was captured, their blood would be drained and used for potions and talismans. The Kindred race, however, was not so lucky. If one of them were captured, they would be tortured and kept barely alive for years. The Draoi would sever the body in pieces over time, and use the magical dragon blood to cast spells.

Lathan Aro, the King of the Kindred, set out to retrieve for his people the dragon spell book that the Draoi had stolen. Lathan traveled with a heavy heart. He knew that if he failed this quest, his people would suffer and face probable extinction. What Lathan didn’t expect to encounter on his journey though, was a woman who could heal his pain with just her touch. He sensed air-elemental magic in her, so he knew that she must be an Iliarian, but he also sensed something else, something extremely powerful. Who was this woman?

Thirty-year-old Houston Detective Mirranda Thompson was flabbergasted when she suddenly found herself in the arms of a handsome medieval man, instead of in her apartment. The last thing she remembered was opening a gift from her deceased father. Was she hallucinating or did she really just travel through time?

Mirranda hated the fact that she was at the mercy of a man – especially a loony one who claimed to be a king with a dragon spirit. She told him he was crazy when he tried to convince her that she was an Ilarian. She was horrified to learn that the Ilarian race was murdered in the same manner as her parents. Mirranda needed to get back to Houston, where life made sense and magic didn’t exist – or did it? Could her parents really have been murdered by Draoi hunters in the twenty-first century?

Spirit of Dragons has it all! Time-travel, magic, witty dialog, an intriguing plot and well-developed characters, are all contained in this one fabulous book. Kathryn Loch expertly writes about a fantastic world of magic, shapeshifters, dragons, vampires, carpatii and the Draoi.

My favorite character was Gideon the Carpatii. He was a faithful and good friend to both Lathan and Mirranda even though it took a constant fight with his evil nature to do so. I hope Gideon gets his own book in this series.

I truly enjoyed Spirit of Dragons and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a well-written paranormal read!

Review by Peg Glover for eBook Review Gal.
eBook Review Gal received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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