Virtual Book Tour Hosts Wanted

Are you a blogger? A website owner? Then we need you! We have authors who are looking to market their books via Virtual Book Tours. We’re actively looking for bloggers and website owners willing to host book tour stops on their sites.

Whether you are an established blogger who has been maintaining a popular blog for several years, or you’re new to the blogging world we need you. You may be finding it difficult to come up with fresh, engaging content on a regular basis. Book tour hosting gives you a break, while offering your readers a new perspective with unique information. A virtual book tour stop is like a guest post, but even better because it lasts longer (usually a week) and provides your readers with a wealth of great information.

You may be wondering, as a tour host, what is expected from you. Well, honestly, not much. Your first step is to choose the dates that you’re willing to host – we provide possible dates for you to choose from. Then, we supply all the content (interviews, book trailer videos, purchase links, author bio, book blurb, photos, etc.). Then all you need to do is post the content on your site and share the tour post via social media. We share the post with all of our followers as well. This is FREE marketing for you and your blog. After your hosted tour stop is over you can either delete the post or leave it up. However, in our experience, leaving the post on your site is best, as it definitely generates additional visits.

If you’re interested in becoming a Virtual Book Tour Host please submit the form below. We have authors waiting.


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