Review of On His Turf by Jennifer Watts

On His TurfOn His Turf by Jennifer Watts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Carmelina Dahl is a twenty six year old full-time journalist’s assistant and part-time waitress who is struggling to not only pay her own bills, but to support her alcoholic, ungrateful mother. Aside from her best friend, Matty, Carmelina keeps most other people at arm’s length. Her abusively dysfunctional upbringing has left her mistrustful and closed off to relationships. That is until she meets hunky soccer player Shane Mitchell.

Shane Mitchell is a Texas golden boy, with a fantastic job and a loving, supportive family. On the surface, Shane seems to have it all, but just under the surface is a dark and sad past. When Carmelina and Shane connect, the sparks turn into tumultuous fireworks.

On His Turf is a modern-day love story with a definite edgy-ness to it. The sex scenes are graphic enough to be considered erotica – hence the 18+ warning that the author has wisely added to the book’s description.

I would have liked to have seen Shane’s caveman-attitude dialed back a bit. I did have some difficulty imagining Carmelina’s strong-willed character so readily accepting of some of the book’s rougher sex scenes. Parts of the book were somewhat predictable and I found myself correctly guessing what would happen next. However, there are only so many boy-meets-girl scenarios available and most follow the same formula. Jennifer Watts has added a few plot twists to prevent the story from being overly predictable.

I would recommend On His Turf to anyone looking for a fun, quick poolside read.

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