Cindy Where Are You? by Roger Rapel Virtual Book Tour Stop and Review

Cindy Where Are You by Roger Rapel

Title: Cindy, Where Are  You?

Author: Roger Rapel

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Length: 252 pages

Release Date: March 15th, 2015

ISBN-13: 978-1508470748


Jim’s marriage was on the rocks because of his long hours working as a Detective Sergeant including his after hours drinking. He was on the verge of having a fling with Jackie a young vivacious detective who had shown more than a professional interest in him. His life was already falling apart.

Then came the investigation into Cindy’s disappearance which would test Jim’s skills as a detective. ‘Cindy where are you?’ became the mantra in his mind as he stared at her haunting image.

His world would be turned upside down by the revelations uncovered which reached into the government corridors of power. His bosses were told to back off the investigation by the secret services. But they didn’t, what they found made even the most hardened officers cringe with disgust as more depraved sexual acts were uncovered…

Roger Rapel Author Photo


Born in the late 40’s only a few years after the second world finished with all the hardships of rationing, cold houses windows running with condensation with frost forming on the inside as well as the outside, living in one room for heat. Growing up in the 50’s with little or none of the modern comforts of today’s modern world, my brother and sister were happy well as happy as you could be. I worked in various organizations including PO as a steward on cruise liners (I must write about that) then on the buildings picking bits of skills here and there and became a jack of all trades certainly master of none. Then joined the police stayed for 30 years mainly as a detective Sergeant dealing with all manner of criminal cases including child abuse rape cases and murder.









~ eBook Review Gal Review ~

Jim Broadbent is an overworked Detective Sergeant with more cases than he can handle and a marriage that’s on the rocks. Like most law enforcement agencies, cutbacks have impacted the already overburdened workload and Jim’s wife is less than understanding. When a missing person’s case – an eleven-year-old girl named Cindy – lands on his desk,  Jim soon realizes there’s much more to the story than one missing girl. Jim soon uncovers a ruthless and disgusting child sex ring has been operating practically right under his nose, to include some very prominent law enforcement officials. Jim’s dogged investigation keeps him on the heels of the ring’s top operators and soon his wife and children soon become targets. During all of this, Jim still manages to squeeze in quite a bit of extramarital sexual activity.

Roger Rapel certainly has some unique storytelling skills, to the point that he’s thrown a few “rules” out the window. For one, dialogue is clipped and not separated by character. Some sentence structure might not be what some readers are used to. Mr. Rapel is clearly British and uses a lot of British sayings, which of course, is only natural. I only mention this since some readers might not know the meaning of certain words and phrases. Yet, having said this, I do not think any of these things take away from the heart and substance of the story. Mr. Rapel’s writing style actually moves the story along quickly and efficiently.

Cindy Where Are You is a story about a very dark and despicable subject. It’s written in a no holds barred kind of way. Roger Rapel’s writing is blunt to be sure – no sugar coating here. The child sex trade is disgusting and Mr. Rapel writes it like it is. Additionally, Jim Broadbent’s character is clearly a lady’s man and his sexual exploits are many and are described in full detail, so be warned this book is most definitely sexually explicit.

I could have done without the way many of the female characters are portrayed as sex kittens/vixens on the prowl, or cried during the investigation, but again, the book didn’t suffer because of it. The ending was a bit abrupt, leaving me to wonder if there’s a Jim Broadbent sequel in the future. If so, I would read it.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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