Review of Red Hope by John Dreese


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The year is 2015 and NASA Director, Chris Tankovitch, makes an early morning call to President Daggett Jennings. Signs of a previous civilization – fossilized humanoid remains – have been discovered by the Mars Curiosity rover and Chris is excited to report this news to the President. Unfortunately, the rover’s power went out immediately after taking just four photos. A discovery mission is scheduled to be deployed to Mars to further investigate these ancient signs of life. When the overzealous President (fueled by the hope that this high-profile mission will win him a second term in office) makes a bold statement promising that the discovery mission will take less than a year, Chris Tankovitch is dumbfounded. The U.S. doesn’t possess the technology to make such a last-minute mission possible. Enter Silicon Valley tycoon, Keller Murch and his state of the art rocket technology. The mission is on and the crew is chosen. Keller, Adam, Yeva and Molly embark upon their history-making journey to Mars.

John Dreese has written an exciting and imaginative SciFi space exploration novel. I’ve found that a lot of industry-specific novels often rely heavily on technical jargon that can run the risk of losing readers with confusing terminology. Mr. Dreese has utilized dialogue between characters to make the topic of space exploration easy to understand and enjoyable. As for the believable factor – this is a book of fiction. It’s not a dry documentary, bound by strict NASA guidelines. Using a certain amount of artistic license is perfectly acceptable in fiction – particularly in Science Fiction. The author was also careful to add to the storyline that this was clearly a high risk, unconventional mission, which necessitated a “C Team” of astronauts. I knew from the beginning anything might happen and it certainly did.

Mr. Dreese’s writing is concise, intelligent and engaging. I zipped through this book in less than a day because I was interested in how it would end. The conclusion was left open, which makes me think the author might have a sequel in the works. I can honestly say I would read it. Recommended!

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