Review of College or Not by Chad Grills

College or not? That’s a thought that weighs on all high schoolers minds. They have questions like: Can I make good enough grades to get accepted, how will I pay for it if I don’t get a scholarship, can my parents afford it, what should I study? Going to college College or Not by Chad Grillshas always been recommended as the top choice when setting out to find a great job and be successful. But, is college the best choice for everyone?

Jay and Gary, two best friends and high school seniors, lived in two different worlds. Jay’s brother graduated from a prestigious college. His brother was making great money with a wonderful company. Jay’s parents wanted the best for Jay after graduation. Their dream was for Jay to go to college and follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Gary’s parents are entrepreneurs. They built a successful business from the ground up. They don’t believe their son needs a college degree to find a wonderful job and make great money.

The high school Jay and Gary attended offered an entrepreneurial class. The class made them think outside the box instead of automatically choosing a traditional 4-year college degree. Gary and Jay worked hard during the school year to learn as much as possible. They also set a goal of getting hired on with a company utilizing their newly learned skills. Equipped with new skills and tools, these young men set out on a journey of visiting colleges, researching companies in their fields of interest, meeting new people and learning through hands-on training. Through trial and error, these high schoolers go through several suggestions for any modern day high schooler looking for a direction to plan a future. There’s a great deal of valuable information within this book. It’s a must read for an approaching grad and their parents!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Monica McDaniel for eBook Review Gal


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