Review of Those of the Margin by T. Patrick Phelps

“Freelance” investigator, Derek Cole has been hired to work a case like nothing he’s everThose of the Margin by T. Patrick Phelps experienced before. Maggie and Jack Bryant need to find out who’s been filling their son Robby’s head with ideas about ghosts. According to Robby, Phillip is the ghost of a murdered man who visits him on a regular basis. Maggie and Jack don’t believe in ghosts, so they assume someone is poisoning their son with the crazy notion that spirits exist and visit the living. Derek Cole soon finds there is much more than a child with a ghost for an imaginary friend and the story is much more sinister than anyone can imagine.

I chose this book because it had an interesting premise and looked like a promising tale of ghosts and the paranormal. While I did think the author wove a unique story, it was ruined by poor editing and formatting issues. A space was added after every paragraph (which is definitely unnecessary), making the book choppy and awkward. There were too many typos to count. There were also too many elements thrown into the mix. We went from a boy and a ghost, to possible infidelity, probable murder, family secrets, overzealous religious fanatics and satanic worship. I was worn out by the end of the book. I never did feel invested in either the story or any of the characters. It’s a shame since I really feel this book could have been far better than it was.

3 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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