Review of Rooted by Design by Tara Heibel and Tassy de Give

There are many advantages to growing indoor plants. Indoor gardens are good for your Rooted in Design by Tara Heibel and Tassy de Givehealth and good for your home environment. Even your pets benefit from them. Many of us don’t have sufficient outdoor space and indoor container gardening is a wonderful solution. Rooted in Design showcases a fantastic array of ideas in which to accomplish this.

I love that this is a hardcover book, since it can also function as an attractive coffee table book. The book includes tons of unique ways to use everyday items as plant containers. The mason jar gardens are beautiful and extremely cost-effective, since I can get a dozen jars at my local grocery store for under ten dollars. Talk about low-cost decorating! Decorating with plants is an excellent alternative to traditional artwork. I loved the idea of growing indoor vines along a wall. What an interesting conversation starter and something I’d never even thought of doing, but now I’ll certainly have to give it a try.

Macramé plant hangers are making a big comeback, but they can be expensive. However, the authors devote two full pages to making your own macramé holders using inexpensive cotton cording (can be purchased at your local hardware store for well under $5.00). The 12-step process, with accompanying photos, is practically foolproof. I’ve already made several and can honestly say it’s a breeze to complete in no time.

Rooted in Design is full of so many ingenious, inspiring and beautiful gardening ideas you could literally fill your home with living artwork in no time. I highly recommend this book for the beginner or experienced gardener. There’s something here to inspire everyone. I loved it!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

eBook Review Gal received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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