Review of Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing At Suicide by Andy Grant

Living in a dark, distant place can be lonely and dangerous. Many people struggle daily with depression and suicidal thoughts. Even if the thought was just that, a passing thought, and quickly went away, the danger of harming oneself still exists. Still Here by Andy Grant

“Still Here” takes you on the journey of a man who struggled with depression and suicide throughout his life. He shares his experiences and gives tips to help anyone struggling with these same experiences. I suggest readers keep an open mind and be honest with themselves as they read this book. I felt encouraged by the author’s positive advice. For example, someone who “attempts” suicide is not a failure – they are an “attempt survivor”. Deep down inside suicide is not what anyone wants.

The author goes on to suggest that suicidal thoughts can upset you emotionally because that is not the real you. People with suicidal thoughts are not crying for help they are crying for love. What a wonderful positive inspiration to give someone who has dark thoughts – give them love. This seems so simple. The author introduces six keys to loving life. He offers them in the hopes that readers can relate to at least one or even several of these keys to realize there are many more options and choices in life to choose other than suicide.

I encourage anyone who is having suicidal thoughts and struggling with daily depression to get this book, sit down and relax with a highlighter, and read and re-read while marking all the positive points that have touched you. There are tools and free resources for readers to use throughout their lives and not just during the dark times. Get out of that safe zone. Don’t be afraid to live!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Monica McDaniel for eBook Review Gal.


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