Review of True Healing by Alison Anton

True Healing by Alison AntonThe full title of this book is True Healing: Spiritual Medicine for Every Illness – A Mind-Body Guide for Managing Stress, Trauma, Disease, and Pain, which is the reason why I chose it. As someone who has been dealing with a variety of pain disorders for quite some time I was ready to try something new. Managing my pain and illness has become an all-consuming process. Reading a book written by someone who has experienced similar situations holds more bearing with me. Ms. Anton did not disappoint me.

True Healing is filled with a wealth of practical and feasible advice. I especially loved the fact that no special equipment is needed to accomplish the steps the author has so efficiently laid out. I’ve always been resistant to meditation. How could I sit in those awkward positions for so long? Ms. Anton assures readers that any comfortable meditative position will work.

Looking at pain as an opportunity for spiritual growth will surely help anyone struggling for answers, as well as solutions. Using challenging situations as a way to advance in our own individual life journey provides comfort and hope. Ms. Anton has created a firm foundation on which readers can expand upon, whether on their own, with the help of a mentor or even through a group retreat. She’s included a great deal of references at the end of the book and even generously offers free audio downloads via her website.

I would recommend True Healing for anyone who struggles with chronic pain, illness, stress or other ailments.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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