Review of Don’t Wait for Me by Dan Kolbet

Don't Wait for Me by Dan KolbetEdwin Klein’s life hasn’t been easy. He married the love of his life, Mary, and gained an iconic Spokane toy store in the process. Like many small business owners, the Kleins find themselves struggling to stay afloat financially. Edwin makes plans to join the service to take full advantage of the $20,000 enlistment bonus. Unfortunately, Edwin’s heart defect prevents him for doing so and Mary insists that she will enlist instead. From there a series of events take Edwin on a rollercoaster ride of tragedy, alcoholism, hopelessness, happiness and hope.

Dan Kolbet’s Don’t Wait for Me is a charming and engaging tale of an ordinary man who continues to give of himself generously long after he has little left to give. The author does a lovely job of showing that none of us exist independently of one another. Our lives continually touch and affect others. Things really do happen for a reason. Additionally, the book’s characters are so well developed and likeable I had no difficulty connecting with them and caring about the story’s outcome.

I would recommend Don’t Wait for Me for anyone looking for a meaningful, positive and appealing story of life, loss, and love.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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