Review of The Grave Man by David Archer

Sam Prichard is seriously wounded during a drug bust gone terribly wrong. The police department sets him up with a generous retirement package, but he soon finds he has too much time on his hands. His love life is lacking and he’s finally finished restoring his Corvette. When a frantic woman shows up on his doorstep, pleading with Sam to help her find her granddaughter, he can’t say no. Teaming up with single mom and computer whiz, The Grave Man by David ArcherIndie Perkins, it’s soon discovered that the missing girl has been used as collateral in a drug deal, by her drug dealing father no less. But, are things really what they seem? Sam soon finds himself the pawn in a dangerous plot to gain control of an extremely important “package”.

When I describe The Grave Man this way, it sounds incredibly intriguing. And honestly the premise is good – the story is appealing. I found some of the plot was a little over the top. Sending a low-level drug dealer to transport something so vitally important didn’t seem like a great idea to me, no matter how crucial it was to throw the bad guys off the trail. Indie and her four year old experience an extremely traumatic event and an hour later they’re in the backyard, frolicking and kicking balls around? But this is fiction and plausibility is often thrown out for the sake of entertainment. I did enjoy the author’s nod to a certain conspiracy theory, however.

There’s a lot of action in the book, so that was a plus. It’s not a long read, in fact the last 10% or so of this book is really the beginning of the author’s next book. The huge problem I had with this book was the atrocious editing. There’s no excuse for poor editing, even (especially?) when self-publishing and even if the book is free. I’m not the only reviewer to mention this, so I would hope the author uses this constructive criticism to do a complete re-edit. Considering the incredible amount of typos, I can only give this book 3 stars.

3 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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