Review of Apparition Atlas by Daniel Diehl and Mark P. Donnelly

Are you interested in the paranormal? Would you like to investigate hauntings like the paranormal groups on the Discovery, SyFy and other television networks do? Maybe you’re already conducting some of your own amateur haunted investigations and want to step Apparition Atlas by Daniel Diehl and Mark P. Donnellythings up a bit.

Many people all over the world are getting into the ghost “game”. There is no shortage of people claiming they’ve had paranormal experiences. Aside from television shows, there are hundreds of books, magazines and meetup groups devoted to the subject. Some are legitimate professionals and some are out purely for the sensationalism and financial gain. If you truly believe that spirits walk among us and want to find definitive proof for yourself then Apparition Atlas will set you on the right course.

Authors Daniel Diehl and Mark P. Donnelly have compiled an incredibly extensive list of reportedly haunted places throughout the United States. Listings are by state and include skull (scare) ratings and important information on each location. Backstories as to why the locations might be haunted are also detailed.  As a Texan, I was happy to see two of my faves listed: Miss Molly’s in Fort Worth and Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie. I’ve been to both and can highly recommend them!

The beginning chapters have some great, practical common sense advice and information for would-be ghost hunters. There are lots of Dos and Don’ts for paranormal investigators to consider before heading out to a location.

I would highly recommend Apparition Atlas as an excellent reference book for any established or newbie paranormal team looking for new haunts. I’d love it if the authors would write a follow-up book that includes some more details on actual hauntings. I’m a paranormal enthusiast and I’d definitely read another one of their books!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

My Book Tour will be hosting a book tour stop of Apparition Atlas on October 30th, please stop by for lots of great information on this excellent paranormal reference book!


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