Review of Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birsel

We all want certain things out of life. Most of us know what we want and need to be happy, but often those things can be difficult to attain. Assessing what we already have or need is the first step. “Design the Life You Love” promises to help us with this process. In Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birselfact, the synopsis claims that it “uses a simple but proven creative thinking and design process to give ordinary people new tools to think about life differently…”

I looked through the book from cover to cover and did not see anything that substantiates the claim that any sort of “proven” process is included within the pages. In fact, at the end I wondered, what the heck did I just read? The author references her design company several times, which left me to wonder if this was really meant as a marketing tool for her business. In fact, she states that the book came about as an experiment, designed to share with her business team. There are many “recaps” throughout, which came off more as fillers than anything that adds any substance.

The blurb is enticing and alluring, which is why I chose to read it in the first place. Unfortunately, I did not find that it delivered on the promise that, “The striking design and Ayse Birsel’s hand-drawn art and type set off her brilliant, life-changing design process, empowering and inspiring readers to create a better life.” This is a pretty bold statement to begin with. In my opinion, the claim that this book contains any sort of “life-changing design process” is a major exaggeration.

3 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

eBook Review Gal received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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