Review of The Doctor’s Unexpected Family by Kristen Ethridge

Dr. Pete Shipley is a charismatic and charming physician, but he’s closed his heart to the The Doctor's Unexpected Family by Kristen Ethridgeidea of ever falling in love. Even years after the death of his beloved fiancé, Pete still can’t imagine himself loving another woman again.

Meanwhile, City Counselwoman, Angela Ruiz has plenty of issues going on in her life as well. She’s a single mom to adorable Celina, and she’s struggling to help her Port Provident, Texas community rebuild after a devastating and destructive hurricane. Angela is far too busy to even think about romance…until Dr. Shipley comes into her life.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book nearly as much as I did. Although I do appreciate an inspirational romance novel every now and then, it’s a difficult genre to pull off without coming across as overly preachy, or even cheesy and sappy. However, Ms. Ethridge has woven a truly lovely and touching tale of hope, faith and love. Her characters are so well-developed and likable, I found myself genuinely caring about how things turned out for them. “The Doctor’s Unexpected Family” is a story that has the ability to speak to the reader’s heart. There are several uplifting and inspiring passages that incorporate sincere faith-based undertones that are really very moving and poignant. The encouraging concept that people often come into your life at the very moment you truly need them is at the heart of this wonderful book. I absolutely loved “The Doctor’s Unexpected Family” and would recommend it highly!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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