Book Bloggers Wanted!

Book Bloggers Wanted to Host Book ToursIt’s been a little while since I’ve put out a call for book tour hosts, so I figured I’m about due 🙂

I’m looking for book bloggers willing to host book tours for some AWESOME new authors. Since many book bloggers are also authors, you know how difficult it is to get your book noticed among the masses. That’s why hosting book tours is so great. It helps everyone!

What’s in it for book bloggers?

  • All hosts are listed on every tour’s main page, on the My Book Tour and eBook Review Gal websites – with a clickable, direct link back to the book blogger’s site. Since all book tours are shared with thousands of followers via social media, this is an excellent and FREE marketing tool.
  • Book bloggers build up their own following via book tours.
  • Hosts receive FREE books.
  • It saves book bloggers from having to come up with witty post content, since all book tour content is provided in several formats.
  • You’re helping struggling new authors market their books.

If you’d like to sign up to host book tours on your author website or book blog, you can do so below. I’ll be eternally grateful and so will some really fabulous authors! You can also check out the “Scheduling Now” page here.



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