Review of The Kennedy Autopsy by Jacob Hornberger

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of the most popular presidents in American The Kennedy Autopsy by Jacob Hornbergerhistory. He also made more than a few enemies while in office. Although his assassination occurred in 1963, speculation regarding the circumstances of his death still persists today.

Jacob Hornberger has focused solely on the autopsy that took place after Kennedy’s death. The Kennedy Autopsy is a detailed and concise account of what the author has deemed to be full of many inconsistencies during the investigation surrounding the Kennedy assassination.

The author provides a great deal of information that had not come to light until long after the president’s death.  Yes, it was a bit dry, but that’s to be expected when sharing reports, evidence, statements and testimony.

The Kennedy assassination will continue to be a controversial event in U.S. history. There will always be segments of the population that will fall on one side of the controversy or the other. Although I found this book to be well researched and compelling, I know that this is a subject that will never truly be closed. I’m of the belief that, if the United States government wants to bury the truth regarding just about anything – controversial or not – chances are it will remain buried. The Kennedy Autopsy gives readers another opportunity to revisit and examine any seemingly suspicious actions surrounding the autopsy.

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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