Review of Holiday Recipes: 150 Easy Recipes and Gifts From Your Kitchen by Bonnie Scott

Many of us stress over what to give for the holidays. Making your own gifts can be an excellent alternative to purchasing expensive store-bought products that often get little to no use. Why not give something you’ve made yourself, and something the recipient can eat? Holiday entertaining can be a hassle. Coming up with party platter recipes can be a chore. This book is chockfull of ideas for holiday gift-giving and party-planning.

Holiday Recipes by Bonnie Scott

Whether you’re searching for gift ideas for acquaintances (mail carriers, teachers, neighbors, etc.) or even for close friends and family members, this book has plenty of options to choose from. Opening with a wonderful selection of breads and closing with pies, there’s something for everyone within the pages of this book. The candy selection is fantastic. The sweet and savory recipes (dips, cheese balls, appetizers and more)…are yummy! Reuben Dip? Genius! There are also plenty of recipes for everyone’s favorite – cookies. What’s really great about this book is that the recipes are easy, quick and simple to follow. Who doesn’t appreciate that at holiday time?

The author gives plenty of packaging ideas to dress these delicious gifts up for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, homespun look or a more fancy, elegant look, readers will find inspiration here. The author has also kindly included several links to sites where readers can go to print labels and gift tags.

I would highly recommend Holiday Recipes: 150 Easy Recipes and Gifts From Your Kitchen to anyone who loves giving gifts created by hand!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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