New Book Review Service Benefits Authors and Readers

Get Free Books In Exchange for Your Honest Review

Most authors recognize the importance of receiving as many reviews as possible for their books. However, this can often be no easy task. It can be extremely difficult to convince readers to take a chance on a book. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of books available online and in retail stores. It’s critical to continuously find new ways to encourage consumers to read and review our books if we wish to succeed as authors.

Book bloggers – are you continually searching for new and established authors to follow? You love to read and you love to share your opinions with your followers. We’ll share books that you can request at no charge. All we ask in return is that you post a thoughtful, compelling review to Amazon and Goodreads. All reviews are shared on several of our websites and with our many social media followers – that’s FREE promotion for you and your blog.

If this sounds like a program you’d like to hear more about, please visit the Get FREE Books for Review Policies Page here. This is a brand new program that we’ve just started and we’d love as many participants as possible.

*This is a new website, so please check back often as we add new books.


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