Review of A Dead End by Keeley Bates

Kit Wilder is a twenty-three year old actress, recently given the axe from her highly popular detective drama series. She returns home to the Philadelphia area, where she grew up, buys a fixer-upper and enrolls in college. In the process of remodeling, Kit discovers a skeleton that’s been buried beneath the floorboards. A murder investigation begins and Kit manages to insert herself right into the thick of it all.

A Dead End by Keeley Bates

A Dead End is a quick read. It was cute, but not great. Kit spent a lot of time thinking about her social media followers and former life as a recognizable actress – to the point that it made her come off as a little too full of herself. The murder investigation was a bit silly and unbelievable. The chapters didn’t seem to flow as well as they could have, which led to some confusion here and there. Kit’s mother was overbearing, eccentric and unlikeable. This book was okay. Not terrible, not great, but okay.

3 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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