Review of The Other Side of Nowhere by Max Allen

Right at the beginning of The Other Side of Nowhere, the author discloses that the photos included in this book are his earlier work and that he struggled with whether or not to publish them. He admits that he finds “the quality of the photography is not nearly as good as the photographs (he) now takes.” He needn’t have worried. The photos in this book are GORGEOUS and well-worth sharing with readers.

The Other Side Of Nowhere by Max Allen

How many of us will ever see an absolutely still hummingbird, wildflowers spurting through the parched desert land, a freshly caught cicada in the mouth of phoebe or wild horses frolicking among the desert sagebrush? That’s what’s so wonderful about wildlife photography. It gives everyone the unique opportunity to view scenery and wildlife we might never get to see otherwise.

The author explains the stories behind many of the photographs in this book. Whether it’s the difficulty of patiently waiting for a rapidly-flying hummingbird to land long enough to snap its photo (or catching one in mid-flight), or the dangers of working so closely to the natural habitat of a venomous rattlesnake, Max Allen candidly shares his wildlife photography tales. (Incidentally, the badger with a dirt-covered face is priceless!)

The author also helpfully shares his camera settings in the caption of every photo. At the end of the book, Max Allen adds additional resources for photographers and readers, including information about his equipment, some of his favorite photography locations and an extensive listing of the many types of species photographed in his book.

I loved the photos and information in The Other Side of Nowhere and I can highly recommend it to other photography enthusiasts!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

eBook Review Gal received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  


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