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Why I Write by Rebecca Hubbard Author Guest Post

Today we welcome author Rebecca Hubbard to the eBook Review Gal blog. Rebecca is the author of The Gift and is currently touring with her children’s book via My Book Tour. Rebecca has some interesting things to say about her life as a writer, so let’s get started!

“Why I write” by Rebecca Hubbard

eBook Review Gal Author Guest Post by Rebecca Hubbard.

Writing has been a part of my life since early elementary school. I remember writing my first poem on fat lined school paper. I do not remember what my first poem was about but I recall writing to understand the things I was experiencing in my life. I also wrote about nature and things I wondered about.

If I wasn’t on a horse or reading a book, then I was writing something. Growing up, writing was a salve and a constant companion. I did not start writing for others until I was a therapist.

As a therapist I began using my writing skills to help my young clients cope with traumas and difficult experiences. This started out with me telling them very short stories.

Then I started writing short stories that they could take home. My first story of this nature was called “Sneaky Pee.” My process evolved into creating stories for a larger audience of children.

My passion is writing stories for children who do not have books that reflect the trauma that happened to them. I want all children who have experienced traumatic events to be able to find a book that helps them feel that they are not alone, and gives them hope that they can feel better.

It is an honor to shed light on the problems children face and on their resilient and beautiful spirits. The majority of the stories I have written are to be used in a therapeutic setting. These stories do not have a publisher so they are not available at this time.

While the “The Gift” leans itself to as a therapeutic story, it also stands alone simply as a children’s book. enjoy writing stories that help children grow and learn about themselves and the world around them.

I know I will continue to write these types of stories, as well as the ones that are more specialized. I cannot imagine my life without writing stories for children. It is an honor and a privilege to give a voice to children who feel they do not have one.


Rebecca J. Hubbard is a master’s level Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over twenty years of experience working with children and their families. She began writing short stories as a child for her own amusement and enjoyment. Rebecca discovered that she could facilitate the healing of her young clients by writing stories for them.

Currently, Rebecca works at Spirit Reins as a clinician and as the clinical supervisor where she practices Natural Lifemanship, ™ a Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy™ model.

Rebecca is a native Texan, who enjoys spending time with friends and family, including her two dogs, Idgie and Sully, and her two horses, Cash and Cloud. She also loves to read, paint and garden. Rebecca encourages readers to connect with her via her website and Amazon Author Page.


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